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In this podcast I talk with Ann Myren from Resources and Results Consulting LLC. She is a nonprofit consultant specializing in grant writing and strategic planning. In this episode she talks about planning to write a grant, how to find grants, grant writing best practices and gives us a “grant writing check list” you should use before you submit your grant application.

To start the podcast we played a quick game of “Fact or Myth”. Spoiler alert… they all turn out to be myths:

  1. Start ups can’t get grants. MYTH
  2. We must have matching funds to get grants. MYTH (but good idea)
  3. We must be a 501.c.3 to get a grant. MYTH (funding criteria could allow for partnering with another nonprofit)
  4. Grant writing is complicated and takes specialized skills. MYTH
  5. We can’t ask for a lot of money. MYTH
  6. We already got a grant from Agency “A”, we can’t ask them again. MYTH
  7. There are no grants for the services we provide. MYTH
  8. Grants won’t cover our operating expenses. MYTH
  9. We can function on grants alone. MYTH


  • Get a strategic plan. Show how you are going to do what you say you are going to do. A strategic plan is your blue print and demonstrates to the grantor that you have your act together.
  • Go for smaller grants first. Not necessary but good to build off of for next grant.
  • Research granting agency. Who have they given to in the past, do you meet their requirements, can they fund the amount you need.
  • Contact the funder. Read their website to see who to contact and if it is encouraged.
  • Get letters of support from other organizations.
  • Have a budget – not just for project but for entire year.


Ask Yourself

  • Did you repeat yourself? Do you say the same thing in multiple sections?
  • Did you put supporting information in the grant? Did you compare it to other successful projects? Did you use quotes that substantiate your statements?
  • Did you answer all the questions completely?

Other Checks

  • Check spelling and grammar.
  • Check your math. Is the budget laid our correctly? Does it add up?
  • Be sure to have someone proof read your grant prior to submission.
  • Keep all final documents organized in a way you can find them again on your computer. If you can’t find it you can’t repurpose for another purpose. (See organizing files here).


Ann Myren can be contacted in at:
Website: myrenandstern.com
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/annmyren



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  2. Author
    Steve 5 years ago

    I never thought I getting a grant for crowdfunding. Not sure how that would work. Though, you could get a grant to produce a video that then could be used to tell your story for crowdfunding. Hmmm…

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