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If you ever second guessed the validity of advice you’ve been given, then you are not alone. In this podcast we talk with Zoot Velasco from He shares his insights on how to bust the myths we are all told about how to run our nonprofits.

In this podcast he breaks the myths of:

  • Holding gala events. Is the money worth the effort?
  • The board runs the nonprofit. Uh oh, I hope you know better than this…
  • My nonprofit idea should start now! Watch your ego…
  • Nonprofits shouldn’t make money? Hmmm…
  • Strategic planning. Are you following your plan? Or is it just making you feel good because you did it?
  • Our mission statement should cover everything we do. OK… tell me your mission… in one sentence.
  • We need to have more fundraiser. Do you? What for? Be specific.
  • We have more “likes” than you. Ha – we have more supporters.

If you are ready to hear it like it is (instead of how you want it), then tune in to this podcast and get your nonprofit myths busted.


Zoot’s website:

Zoot’s podcast: 501(c)(3)(b)(s)

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