Being able to affectively use email to market your nonprofit is becoming increasely important. And increasingly easy. Todays guest, Carlos Scarpero, talks with us about the basics of setting an email marketing campaign and strategy.

Obviously this starts with a plan and a goal. It could be as simple as getting people to an upcoming event. Or more involved, like getting people to donate to your nonprofit. In most cases, you will need to set up some type of email campaign.

What’s a Campaign? 

A campaign is a series of emails that get sent in accordance with a timeline. For instance, you can send a series of four emails, to potential donors, that shares stories on how your nonprofit helps the community. Then, send a fifth email asking them to help support your cause.

OK, that was overly simplistic, but I think you get the picture.

What you Need?

You need an email campaign service like MailChimp, AWeber* of ConstantContact. These services help you build email lists that people can “subscribe” to. MailChimp does hava free version which is great to get started with. But, eventually you are going to want to automate the delivery of your email campaigns. And to do that, you will need to get the paid services. And believe me… if you plan to use campaigns, the paid services are SOOOOOOO worth it.

So, sit back and enjoy the podcast. And then get ready to start your email campaign.


Carlos’s Website:

Books mentioned on podcast*: Web Copy that Sell | How to Write Copy that Sells
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  1. Aldo 3 years ago

    I am so glad that I end up watching this. I’ve learned a few tricks and tips on this post, but I am interested to try other besides from mailchimp. I was wondering if you have any recommendation, I want to try a platform that has SMS features and mailchimp like. I saw Activetrail have all those features and it looks simple to navigate. Let me know what you can find. Thank you in advance!

    • Author
      Steve Vick 3 years ago

      I recently switched to AWeber and have been very happy with them. Pretty easy to use and lots of features. And really good customer support. I actually became an affiliate for them.

      It cost about $20/month. Check out AWeber here.

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