The goal of Nonprofit Ally is to present practical advice and applicable tools for hands-on management and development of your nonprofit.

The Nonprofit Ally blog post, podcasts, newsletter and start-up guide will help you run a better nonprofit, grow your programs and build your capacity while keeping you inspired about your mission.

The Website

Nonprofit Ally is a community website. To get the most out of our resources you should become a member. We have a Free membership and a Pro membership.

Once you are a member, you will have access to:

  • Community Page – you can make “friends” with other members, update folks on your activity page, create your own profile and join community groups. It’s like Facebook for nonprofits.
  • Courses – we have free and premium courses that will help you fundraise, write grants, make your website, create a videos and more.
  • Forums – there are forums for a lot of topics. Just submit a question and one of our expert moderators will help you with your needs.
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Nonprofit Ally Mission

Running a successful nonprofit takes time, effort and patience. It’s work and in some cases a lot of work. Our goal is to help you start your nonprofit, fulfill your mission, and keep you motivated during what can be a difficult yet rewarding experience.

Much of the content on this website is given for free with no strings attached.  We do our best to provide you with accurate and up to  date information. If you need help figuring out something specific just message one of the Allies and we will get back to you as soon as we can (or maybe we’ll make a blog post about it).

A Message from Our Founder

Steve VickHi, my name is Steve. I am the executive director of a Noble Paws up here in Alaska. I love my work. It is challenging, fun, rewarding and at times, stressful. I have a degree in Multimedia Development (marry journalism with web design). I never planned to follow a nonprofit career, but it just turned out that my skill-set and the nonprofit industry were a good fit.

I have a passion for content creation, capacity building and program development. I also have a keen interest in learning how successful organizations reach their goals. My intent is to share everything I can about running a successful nonprofit via podcast interviews, how-to videos and regular blog posts.

Nonprofit Ally has evolved from a blog/podcast website into a full blown community. And that is exciting. I can’t thanks enough the Allies who help make this page possible. Without them, this community wouldn’t flourish. So be sure to visit their profiles and send them a thank you.

If there are any topics you want added to the site, or if you have ideas on how we can improve this website (or podcast) just shoot us an email from the contact page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from you on the blog sometime.
Steve Vick

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