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In this podcast I talk about what you need to have prepared before you start crowdfunding. I also talk about why our nonprofit only got five new likes on our Facebook page after being featured on a Facebook page with 15,000+ followers.

Here is an outline of the crowdfunding portion of this podcast.

Preparing to Fundraise


Here are the questions you will want to answer when you meet with your fundraising team.

WHY are we fundraising?

HOW much money do we need to raise?

WHAT kind of fundraiser are we going to have?

  • Peer to peer, crowd funding, event?
  • What is our budget?


  • Will we kick off the fundraiser?
  • When does the fundraiser end?

WHO is going to:

  • Create content on the campaign page
  • Send thank yous
  • Post to social media
  • Deposit check in the bank
  • Post posters/flyers
  • Make phone calls
  • Track donors

WHO are you going to ask?

  • Demographics
  • Who will contact who and when


Make a campaign page (your fundraiser home page) – don’t expect people to click through your site to find your website. Include details on:

  • What you need the money for
  • Why you need it
  • How much it will cost

Use a visual at the top of the page:

  • Video are all the rage now
  • At least picture or slideshow. Preferably with a person or animal in it


Much of you campaign marketing/outreach material can be pre-made.

  • “Asking” emails and letters
  • Premade postcards, rackcards, business cards and brochures
  • Social media campaign content
  • Benchmark materials (e.g. email announcing you have reach 30% of your goal)
  • Incentives/perks

Program Links

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The Mini Facebook Campaign

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