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Everything is “video, video, video”. Really – 80% of all internet consumption is video. So, if you are not using video you are behind the game.

The problem is video can be a technical and creative hurdle. And hiring an expert can be a financial hurdle. That is where my guest, Harry McAlister, from comes in. Harry helps nonprofits connect with video producers for an affordable price. Here is how it works.

There are 63,000 video producers on the internet, and millions more freelancers. If you want the perfect video, you have to find the perfect team, right?

The problem is each producer has their own prices, styles, speed, quality and value for money. So how do you find the best people when there’s so many to choose from?

Expert video-makers often have the spare time, money and energy to work on low budget projects – but only if it’s a cause they feel inspired to help. This means people making positive change in the world can expect a higher quality final video.

Simply put: the greater your impact, the greater your video.

How does this work? Just listen to this podcast for more information.


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