NPA 003: Developing Your Board of Directors

Strategic Planning and Board Development

Strategic Planning and Board DevelopmentIn this episode I speak with Cecily Stern from Word Craft Consulting. Cecily is an expert in nonprofit board development, strategic planning as well as grant writing. We discuss how to build a strong board of directors and plan for the future. Topics include:

  • Board Development
  • Board Recruitment
  • Board Member Responsibilities
  • Strategic Planning

Also in this episode I talk about the FaceBook PTAT… that is “People Talking About This” and why it is more important than “likes”.

Program Links:

Cecily Stern
Word Craft Consulting

Social Media Minute

  1. mitch davis 3 years ago

    hello steve. i did not see this podcast when i sent my email earlier. i am sorry. thanks for sharing you experiences.

    • Author
      Steve 3 years ago

      Oh yes, Cecily is a top notch teacher.

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