If you want to get more people to your website then this is the podcast to listen to. There are some simple steps you can take to get and KEEP visitors on your website. Today’s guest is Chris Ferdinandi. Chris is the founder of GoMakeThings.com and a web developer who helps nonprofits (specifically animal rescues) improve their web presence, increase their website visitors and ultimately, raise more money online.

Over 50% of people surfing the web are going to visit your nonprofit website on a mobile device. If you site does not work well (or look good) on a cell phone or tablet, then you are giving an unprofessional impression. So being sure you have a “responsive” design is going to help ensure you are giving a professional first impression to ALL of your visitors.

Chris talks about the importance of having a mobile friendly website and how to develop a web strategy for your nonprofit. This goes beyond just having a responsive website. It also means paying attention to your load speed, site architecture (are things easy to find) and accessibility.


Chris’s website: GoMakeThings.com

Email Chris at: [email protected]

Image optimization tool: b64.io

WordPress cache plugin: ZenCache

Free Make your Nonprofit Website course (it’s responsive!)

Fast WordPress Hosting with HostGator

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