How to Start a Nonprofit

How to Start a Nonprofit

Starting a nonprofit is exciting, time-consuming and sometimes confusing. Maybe this is not the best sales pitch to give before you start a nonprofit but it is the straight talk. Luckily there is plenty of information on the internet to help you get through the process.

The pages in this section will walk through the steps of forming a 501.c.3 tax-exempt organization. It starts with picking a name for your nonprofit and takes you through filing out your 1023 application for 501.c.3 status.

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1. Choose Name

The first thing you need to do to incorporate your nonprofit is choose your organizations name.

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2. File Articles

Within your articles you will be officially declaring your organizations name, location, purpose, initial directors and more.

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3. Prepare Bylaws

Your Bylaws establish procedures for holding elections, organizing meetings and other essential operations of your nonprofit.

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4. First Meeting

There are several things you need to accomplish during this meeting and some of them are required by your state.

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5. Corporate Binder

Creating a corporate binder is relatively easy, but it requires regular and meticulous updating.

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6. File for 501.c.3

To become a tax exempt nonprofit you need to get your 501.c.3 status. To do this you must submit Form 1023 to the IRS.

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