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In this episode I talk with Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation. Nick is an blogger, podcaster and entrepreneur that shares awesome information on how to start a side business (in our case a nonprofit) while still working a fulltime job.

Nick talks about how to manage your time, how to grow your “side hustle” and how to find extra help when you need it. This is not your typical interview as we talk about a variety of topics involved in starting a new [nonprofit] business, including starting and email list, building a website and using social media.


Here are some links to the topics we discussed: – this is an awesome site to find affordable help on your next project. Need a logo, t-shirt design, website or custom graphic? Fiverr can help you get it done for just $5!. Use this link and get a FREE GIG when you sign up for Fiverr. (Fiverr accounts are free).

Articles from Nicks website at

How to contact Nick: [email protected]

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  2. Josh Brooks 5 years ago

    Nick is a very intelligent guy. If you have not listened to his podcasts, I strongly recommend it. The quality of Nick’s content is right up there with Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas. Just like Steve’s Non-Profit Ally podcast, I have listened to several of Nick’s podcasts more than once. Thanks very much to both Steve and Nick; you guys are inspirations to keep me moving forward. HUSTLE ON!!!

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