Start a nonprofit in a foreign country

Starting a nonprofit is not easy. But starting a nonprofit in a foreign country… that shares a war-affected border… well, that is just down-right difficult. But that is what Jason Szolomayer is doing in Jordan.

How can regular people like you and me help tangibly with the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East? In this episode I talk with Jason Szolomayer about how 3D printing and 3D scanning technology can bring the “gift of hearing” to Syrian refugees and low-income individuals in the world’s biggest war-torn hotspot.

Jason, the founder of 3DP4ME (3D Printing for Me/Middle East), shares the challenges he and his partner in Jordan are facing to create ear molds for hearing aids. Jason also shares info about the Hearing Express Project, which aims to provide 12,000 hearing aids over the next five years.

“In developing countries less than 3% of people who need a hearing aid are thought to have.”
World Health Organization (WHO), 2013

This is an great story that is bound to inspire. I hope you like it.


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