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If you ever tried arranging a meeting via email than you likely have experienced a “reply all” overload. Half the participants can make the meeting, one will be an hour late, another can’t do Tuesday nights, another can do Tuesday but only at lunch time, another wants to know if anyone can do it on the weekend… and so on, and so on. Trying to arrange a meeting via email can leave you with a lot emails to sift through and gets complicated quickly.

There is a better way. Just go to and sign up to use their FREE scheduling application. You can then post information about the meeting and invite participants to take a poll to determine which day and time works best with their schedule. In a couple days you will have your meeting date sent with no inbox full of “reply all” email to sift through. It is that easy. And it is FREE.

Just visit
Note: I am not affiliated with I just love their product.

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