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Social fundraising (sometimes called crowdfunding… but it is more) is becoming more sophicated and more useful. It is more than just a way to raise money. It is a way to connect with supporters, garner new donations, build relationships with your community and increase awareness of your organization.

In this podcast, we talk with Gary Wohlfeill from Gary describes social fundraising as a way to go “beyond the donation”. It let’s your supporters “share out”, via their own networks, the actions they take with your organization. This can be via a donation, the purchase of an event ticket or the simple sharing of a story that moved them. This can help create new donors and raise an incredible amount of awareness.

Gary explains how techology can help you find new opportunities to have your supporters spread the word about your services, mission and/or fundraiser.

This is a great interview that delves into the psychology of our donors combined with the ability to harness their desire to do good.

A must listen.


Check out CrowdRise at

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  1. Kevin Truong 3 years ago

    Hi Steve, thank you for the shoutout! NonprofitAlly has been a tremendous resource in creating Hey Mentor! These podcasts are also truly helpful!

    Hey Mentor

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