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In this episode of the Nonprofit Ally Podcast I talk with Amanda Babine from Evaluate for Change. We talk about the “Logic Model” which is an evaluation method designed to help build the capacity of nonprofit programs.

The logic model helps you understand how your organization does what it does? It is a tool that allows you to break down the different components of your organization’s programming and clarify how your organization’s program works to achieve its objectives.

It is broken down into three main components, with many subcoponents within each main category. The three main component are, inputs, outputs and outcomes-impact.

Taking a program through the logic model will help you better understand your resources, how you are using them, how you deliver your services, what resources are taking the most effort, what your cost/benefit is,  etc, etc.

It is an indepth analysis of how you do, what you do – and how you can do it better.


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