risk management for nonprofits


Risk Doesn’t Have To Be a Four-Letter Word

Risks can be unsettling. It is easier to focus on what’s urgent while ignoring what’s necessary and important. But if you can create ways to make it easier to see and address threats and opportunities, you can:

  • Increase clarity
  • Reduce costs
  • Simplify tasks
    Streamline processes
  • Develop new initiatives, and;
  • Increase sustainability and resilience

Knowing your risks can help you increase your awareness of the threats and opportunities faced by your organization. You can identify unnecessary costs and find fixes to unlock additional resources.


Does any of that sound familiar?

“Too much of our knowledge is stuck in the minds of our key personnel. If we lose any of them, we’re sunk.”
“If we’re honest, we move from crisis to crisis and can’t get ahead of the curve.”
“We want to grow, but we need a repeatable model that doesn’t require constant supervision.”
“We are on the cusp of great things, but we need to make sure we look and act professional to the outside world. More than that, we actually need to be professional.”

Then listen to this podcast and learn how knowing your risks can give you your best insight.

About Ted

Before founding Risk Alternatives LLC, Ted was a Distinguished Visiting Professor from Practice at Georgetown University Law Center. At Georgetown, his research focused on dispute resolution, complex litigation, preventive law, legal training, risk management, governance, and compliance.

Prior to fulltime teaching, Ted served for more than 20 years in the Washington DC office of the international law firm of Jones Day. At Jones Day, Ted represented clients in successful high-profile lawsuits and investigations and worked closely with parties with divergent interests to craft workable settlements involving businesses, consumers, and government agencies. While at Jones Day, Ted taught at Georgetown for many years as an adjunct professor.


Website: risk-alternatives.com

Email Ted: [email protected]

Ted’s Twitter: @tbilich

Risk Alternatives Twitter: @riskalts

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