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In this episode I talk with Steve Scheier, author of “Do More Good. Better.” We talk about the impact that proper decision making can (or cannot) have on the health and future of your organization.

Part of making a good decision involves: knowing what decisions need to be made, who is making this decision and whether you are involving the right people in the process. With this at the core, Steve walks us through what he calls “decision clarity”.

As Steve says, “Decision clarity gives the Executive Director focus”. Getting others involved in the decision making process can relieve the ED of having to deal with an overwhelming amount of daily decisions. By having a more inclusive decision making process, the power of decision making gets delegated to those who are best suited (with the right resources) to make these decisions.

Steve breaks down the decision making process into five decision making roles:

  1. Decision maker
  2. Adviser
  3. Contributor
  4. Someone who is informed
  5. Driver

Steve also talks about the key factors that effect – and prevent – us from making good decisions. What are those? Well, I can ‘t tell you everything… or you would have no a reason to listen to the podcast.


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