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If there is one thing nonprofits do a lot, it is look for funding. This funding comes in the form of grants, membership dues, corporate sponsorship, individual donors and, of course, crowndfunding.

In this episode, I talk with Devin Thorpe who is a motivational speaker, writer and holds an MBA from Cornell University. Devin believes that society is becoming more socially aware and that this leads to more opportunity for direct, peer-to-peer, fundraising. This may help explain why crowdfunding is one of the fastest growing forms of fundraising for nonprofits.

Devin talks about crowdfunding strategy and gives and aweseome three step process to get you started on the road to success. Devin is a great speaker who is enthusaistic and knowledgable. This is a podcast you will listen to many times.


Devin’s website:

Devin’s business:

Crowdfunding Platforms

How to Crowdfund Courses

Crowdfunding for Socail Good (by Devin Thorpe)

The Complete Crowdfunding Course (by Nonprofit Ally)

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