We all want our nonprofits to be sustainable. We want a regular source of revenue, program participants, board members and staff. But does having all this mean we are sustainable? In this podcast, Laurie Wolf talks with us about how sustainability is “not a destination, it is a journey”.

Laurie is the CEO of the Foraker Group, and she explains that sustainability begins with “Focus”. And that focus includes your purpose, your mission and you values. Sustainability also includes the right people, partnerships, unrestricted funds and programs/services. You can see the Foraker model of sustainability at: forakergroup.org/index.php/our-business/sustainability-model.

This podcast interview goes into detail about how to move your nonprofit toward a sustainable future.


Foraker Group: Visit their website

The book: Focus on Sustainability

Order book on Amazon

Also mentioned in this podcast:


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  2. Allen Maddox 4 years ago

    I’m still just getting started and struggling with the development of the BoD. This has helped me think a little broader in what to look for. I hope to be using this info soon.

    • Author
      Steve 4 years ago

      Glad it was helpful, Allen. Getting a board developed is a tough chore and takes time. Knowledge of sustainability will certainly help you stay focused. Good luck.

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