How to Avoid Mission Creep with Liana Downey

Nonprofit organizations obviously have a mission they follow. Sometimes they are lofty ones and other times they are vague and verbous. But the point of your mission is to  focus your organization so you can do more. Or as Liana Downey puts it, in the title of her book, “Mission Control – How Nonprofits and Governments can Focus, Achieve More and Change the World.”

In this podcast, Liana guides us through the process of defining our mission and refocusing our efforts so we can develop a strategy that really helps achieve our organizations mission. She also goes over the signs and symptoms of “mission creep” and how to reverse the trend of a mission out of control.

If you are a nonprofit leader then this podcast has the information you need to develop a strong mission focused organization.


The Book: Mission Control

Consulting: Liana Downey and Associates

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  1. Mauricio R. Belgrano 3 years ago

    I love the concept that you, as a non-profit, must be clear about your message. The more you are clear about your message, the more confident you are at knowing what you need and not. Saying “No” can get so easy from there. Great podcast!!!

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