If you are a growing nonprofit, then you likely have spreadsheets, paypal accounts, book keeping software, volunteer mailing list, etc. It can quickly turn in to mess of documents that are hard to manage.

Eventually, you need a place to put this all. That is where todays guest, Ro Valiao, with Flipcause comes in.

Maybe you have looked in to getting some type of software platform for you nonprofit, but were turned away by the cost of it – or the sheer enormousness of the product. Flipcause is different. It is geared to help you build relationships in the community, grow your programs and raise more money. And it is targeted for the smaller nonprofits, like you.

Are you ready for software?

Ro gives us a great baseline to start with. He says start with:


Once you have all this in place you should be good for awhile. If fact, this will likely help you greatly build your capacity. The next step is putting all this all together in its own platform. What you need next is a CRM.

When do you need to take the next step?

Ro is upfront about the need for Flipcause. If you are making less that $40,000 a year, stick with the above list of baseline apps. But once you reach $50,000 or more, then you should seriously look into getting a software solution that integrates your major software needs.

Ro shares with us how Flipcause integrates community outreach, fundraising and email marketing all in to one affordable and easy to use platform.

If you want to take you nonprofit to the next level, then this podcast is a must listen.

*Please note: The ability to sell raffle tickets, as discussed in this podcast, may not be available for all Flipcause clients. Raffle ticket sales are subject to federal, state and local laws and regulations. 


Website: Flipcause

Free Crowdfunding Ebook (mentioned on podcast): Crowdfunding A to Z

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