Use Crowdfunding for your next fundraiser

December is the most active fundraising month of the year. If you are planning a fundraising campaign for your nonprofit you may be wondering about raising money online with “crowdfunding”. There are many applications to pick from including, KickStarter, Fundly, Fundrazr, Rally, etc.

So, I set up an account with a few of these crowdfunding websites and took each one for a test ride. In this post I give a review of Fundly ( as well as a video overview of the product.

Fundly provides a nicely designed campaign page to launch your nonprofit fundraising efforts. It has a host of advance features. These include the ability to send emails from your dash board, options for others to fundraise on your behalf, an iPhone app to help you manage you campaign, automatic email updates to your supporters and a variety of ways to share you campaign with social media.

The main campaign page includes a home page where you can share your message, a blog where you can update your supporters and a comments area for people to post their thoughts. It’s easy for visitors to share your fundraiser on social media right from the main page, but currently it is limited to just FaceBook, Twitter and emails.

This feature-filled crowdfunding application has the potential to be overwhelming for some. There was more than one time that I found myself lost in the control panel or digging through their outdated “knowledge base” to find help. But don’t let that prevent you from trying it out. The time it takes to learn how to use it may be worth the effort.

Screen Shots


Payment Options and Fees
Fundly only allows you to use WePay. No PayPal. Fundly collects a 5% fee for each donation and WePay collects 3%.

Auto-email “thank you” responder, easy to use embed codes for websites and blogs, ability to have others start a campaign on your behalf

Outdated “knowledge base”, can’t use PayPal, some-what steep learning curve

Bottom Line
Fundly is a feature-rich application ideal for nonprofits that want other people to help crowdfund on their behalf.

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