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Finding donors for your nonprofit can be a daunting task. But using some simple nonprofit story telling techniques can help you find new donors and retain them for years to come.

In this podcast I talk with Sierra Jimenez, Development Director at Southeast Alaska Independent Living (S.A.I.L. ). Sierra built a 500 person donor base, using nonprofit story telling techniques, in just seven years. Donations to S.A.I.L, which started at zero, now bring in over $110K annual.

Sierra shares with us some of the techniques she used to bring in new long-term donors. Here are some of the simplest ways to get started:

  •  Use Social Media
  • Hold events for public relations and awareness raising, not just to raise money.
    • Use events to share and show your mission
  • Send newsletters
    • Easy way to share your story and keeps your organization fresh in people’s minds

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Links & Resources

Southeast Alaska Independent Living:
Brock Warner, Warchild – Nonprofit Ally Podcast 006: Nonprofit Fundraising and Donor Retention

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  1. Matthew Plamp 2 years ago

    Hey I loved this podcast! I just found it and I went to to see more but just a FYI it is not HTTPS which causes google to stop the user. Can you let them know they need to update their website to be HTTPS. This is a relatively recent change in google and this podcast is dated 2014.

    • Author
      Steve Vick 2 years ago

      I will let them know. Thanks for pointing that out.

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