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In this episode I talk with Mark Horoszowki from Mark talks about how the MovingWorlds organization helps nonprofits, from around the world, find skilled volunteers to help them with their missions. It is a process they call “Experteering”.

Mark gives us some insight in to the volunteer recruitment and management process. He also fills us in on just how to find the right volunteer to meet the needs of your organization.

Mark offers us a glimpse into the mind of a volunteer by helping us understand what motivates them, how to “thank” them and how to keep them around. This podcast is a great resource for any nonprofit that works with volunteers, regardless of the size of your organization and the size of the project you need help with.

Also in this podcast, I talk about how to get found in Google. This consist of three steps:

  1. Connect to Google Analytics (learn more)
    This involves – 1) signing up for a Google Analytics account, 2) copying the code your are given when you add your website and, 3) pasting that code into your website. This way Google can connect Analytics to your site and confirm that you are the owner of that site.
  2. Get a sitemap (learn more)
    Install an XML site map. This will help the Google “Bots” know where to go when they visit your site. It is a crucial part of getting your site “indexed” in the search engines.
  3. Connect to Google Webmaster Tools (learn more)
    Now that you have a sitemap and an Analytics account you should connect it all to Webmaster Tools. This is where you can manually submit your sitemap to Google. From here you can also get insight into what key words people are using to find your site and what search rankings your pages are getting.

You see, you just can’t put a website up and hope that Google will find you. You have to take some action to start showing up in search engines. I will write a more in depth blog post about this later, but for now, I hope the info and links above help you get found in Google.

Guest Resource

Moving Worlds Website

Process for Matching a Volunteer

Volunteer Intake Resources

Find Volunteers for your Organization

Twitter: Experteering

Facebook: MovingWorlds

Other Resources

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