Kenan Irving lost his wife, Ashley, to stomach cancer after nine years of marriage. During Ashley’s six month battle with cancer she kept a journal and wrote in it everyday. No one was suppose to read the journal until after Ashley had passed away. The hope was that no one would read this journal. But that is not how it turned out. And Kenan is now using this journal to help others heal, cope and live.

Kenan created The Cancer Journal Project. He says, “I wanted the journal itself to be part of the charity. I wanted this amazing historical document to be shared with the world.”

In this podcast, Kenan talks about how he created The Cancer Journal Project; how he brought media attention to his cause; and how, through this project, he has been able to help three children fulfill their dreams through “Make-a-Wish”.

This interview with Kenan is candid and honest. It is this sincerity that makes this a must listen podcast. And it is this honest that makes The Cancer Journal Project such a successful charity.

This is a story that should be heard, not read.

How to Contact Kenan


Email Kenan: [email protected]

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