Grow Your Mailing List

Have you wondered what is the best way to get information in front of your followers and supporters? Most people think social media is the end-all/be-all of communication. But I want to assure you – it is not.

In this podcast, I talk with Kathryn Calhoun from Kathryn discusses some of the myths about social media, what it should be used for and how to maximize its effective reach.

But most importantly, Kathyrn shares with us some of her best tips on using your mailing list to reach your audience.

I, personally, have been very frustrated lately with the number of nonprofits I follow, who rely on Facebook to communicate with their followers. Here is the issue:

  • Facebook is not a website and should not replace your website.
  • Facebook has limited reach with barely 5% of your followers ever seeing a post.
  • Facebook displays post chronologically forcing people to scroll through your timeline to find information.
  • Facebook does not – let me repeat – DOES NOT show all your posts.
  • Facebook is losing popularity. Not many millennials are using Facebook on a daily basis.

So please, STOP using Facebook to communicate important events and information with your followers. Sure, put a post about your upcoming spring Gala on there, but be sure you announce it to your mailing list and have a page on your website about it.

OK, enough of me ranting about Facebook.

Let’s talk about the solution. Grow, nurture and use your mailing list. Listing to this awesome podcast to learn how.


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