Soon Christmas carols will turn into New Year’s confetti and before you know it the New Year will be in full swing with the holidays a distant memory.

Before we get lost in the hustle and bustle of a new year — filled with new goals, ideas and dreams — we better take a second to review the year behind us and how we can improve.

One way many nonprofit organizations can be more strategic about hitting their goals is by being more specific when you communicate with your donors.

If you’re organization already understands that story-telling is important, and you have a plan in place for communicating rather than simply soliciting — you’re already laying a solid platform for people to pay attention to you.

The focus here isn’t on how you create your content, but rather on what you do with it when you’re done.

So, rather than just pay attention — let’s get donors to take action!

What I’m talking about here is determining specific calls-to-action to move potential donors from newbies to givers. These are the steps people need to take in order to move through your fundraising funnel and actually donate to your organization.

Example: You write a compelling story about your nonprofit’s impact on your blog, and share the link to this blog on your Facebook page. What you really want to do is get people to sign up for your newsletter, because while having them “Like” you on Facebook keeps you connected — you know that e-mail subscribers are twice as likely to donate to your organization.

The call-to-action is asking readers to “Sign Up” to continue to receive inspiring stories about your organization via e-mail.

In this case, the fundraising funnel looks like:

Facebook “Like” —> Blog reader —> Newsletter Subscriber —> Donor

How does your organization figure out the calls-to-action you need to set up in order to drive donors to action in 2016? It all starts with your Donor Communincation Plan. You need to understand the touch points you have with donors and what steps to take in order to create your calls to action.

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