how to manage a fundraising campaign

In this podcast I talk with Brock Warner who is the fundraising manager at War Child. Brock just finished a big fundraising campaign and he fills us in on some of the strategies he used that helped them realize a 30% increase in donations. We also discuss ways to increase donor retention from year to year.


Brock Warner is a fundraiser at War Child and a blogger at You can also follow him on Twitter as @BrockWarner.


*These are some of the resources that were mentioned in the podcast. The links go to These are affiliate links. Thank you for considering purchasing these books.

  1. Naomi Williams 3 years ago

    Hi! I’m really enjoying the podcasts.

    I just wanted to provide some clarification for your community on email newsletter services.

    AWeber (not eweber) does not offer a free plan, but you can sign up and try them out for 30 days at only $1.

    MailChimp has an always free plan for lists that don’t go over a certain amount of subscribers, but if you want to use auto-responders, you must upgrade to a paid level. MailChimp also integrates nicely with Salesforce.

    **Nonprofits can apply through the Salesforce Foundation to use Salesforce for free.

    • Author
      Steve 3 years ago

      Thanks Naomi. I foresee a future podcast about the importance of maintaining a mailing list. I think it is a resource many overlook. Thanks for the info and correcting my spelling 🙂

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