How to Run a Successful Giving Tuesday

In just a few years, Giving Tuesday has turn in to a world wide event. In this episode, we talk with Kait Sheridan, from and, about how to prepare for and run a successful Giving Tuesday fundraiser.

Kait talks about the importance of reaching your audience and shares a variety of useful ways to accomplish this. This includes:

  • Phone calls
  • Using your email list
  • Writing letters
  • Using social media
  • Creating Videos

But finding them is just part of the job. Getting your followers to pay attention, follow your campaign and actually donate is another story. In fact, doing it successfully, involves just that… a story. Kait talks to us about how story telling can help you convert your followers to donors.

And to wrap it up, Kait goes in to detail on how to set up a successful strategic plan for your Giving Tuesday event. It may just be a one-day fundraiser but it can take months to prepare for and dove tail into larger fundraising efforts.


You can learn more about Giving Tuesday at:

To learn more about 92nd Y, go to:

Contact Kait at: [email protected] | [email protected]

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