As someone working for a nonprofit, the term “limited resources,” probably seems like an understatement. Nonprofit organizations are often stretched thin with staff and volunteers filling multiple roles to accomplish a multitude of goals.

While you’re running around focused on programs and services and keeping those operations running smoothly, there’s also that voice in the back of your mind saying, “Where are we going to get the funds to do this?”

One solution for calming those fears is creating a sense of belonging in your donors that will compel them to share your cause and garner donations for you. I call it, The Groupie Effect.

The Groupie Effect happens when a donor is so overwhelmed by your cause that they become a part of it. They donate on a regular basis, consistently attend your events share your information via social media, word-of-mouth, and so forth — the donor is an active ambassador for your organization.

How do you create the Groupie Effect for your organization?

  1. Effective Calls-To-Action. This is a simple way to start making small strides towards gaining groupies. I have a great FREE download available to help you get started with that.
  2. Consistent communications. Stop soliciting and start communicating with your donors. Share your story, share your successes — give them interesting, valuable information that keeps donors connected and involved during the times when you’re not simply asking for money.
  3. Make your donors a part of your story. Talk to your donors about why they support your organization and what they like most about it. Ask them their story about why their involved. Showcase that story as part of your communications — via social media, your newsletter and so forth. Give the people who support you part of the limelight, and they more apt to not only continue supporting you but also to share your cause.
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