Google Grants for Nonprofits

In this episode I talk with Jason Granger of Infinity Marketing Group about Google Grants. Yes, Google gives grants to nonprofits. And they are awesome. How about $10,000 worth of adwords every month for FREE! Yes, that awesome.

Jason walks us through the Google Adwords development process and teaches us how to find the right keywords to help us find our audience. It’s a very interesting and creative process. Adword campaigns can be made for fundraising, event promotion, volunteer recruitment… you name it. Jason even tells us how he is helping increase attendance at a small town fair that has bronco riding by targeting country music lovers with Adwords.

But first, the podcast begins with a short segment on how to find royalty free images you can use on your nonprofit website and newsletter. Here are links to the sites I mentioned during this part of the show:

And here are some page links to some Creative Commons albums on Flickr:

So, if you want to learn more about Google Grants just visit the following URL.

Guest Resources

It was great to have Jason on the show. He really provided us a lot of good information. If you want to contact Jason* you can do so at:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 303-834-7344

Jason’s special offer to Nonprofit Ally listeners: Mention “Nonprofit Ally” and get 25% off setup and maintenace of your Google Grants account!

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