In this episode, I talk with Michael Rivera from Jee Foods. Michael is part of a group of high school students who started a nonprofit to help the hungry in their area. The program is an initiative to discover new models for alleviating hunger throughout the world.

JEE Foods is a Non-Profit Organization which has partnered with local grocers and companies like Kroger and Shared Harvest to collect food that would otherwise be wasted.  We reprocess and redistribute these donations in the form of economically priced meals.  We also provide employees and volunteers with training and certification.  These unique aspects of JEE Foods help us reach our goal of Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and Starving Out Hunger.
JEE Foods was started through a first-year program called Global Classroom Steam Challenge organized by Samsung. The team from Ross High School was assigned a partner team from KSA of KAIST in Busan, South Korea. The group was prompted to develop solutions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 2: No Poverty, and Zero Hunger. The group, through collaborative efforts, decided that the main issues surrounding poverty and hunger are Jobs, Education, and Economy, hence our name JEE Foods.

About Michael

Michael Rivera is the Chief Executive Officer for JEE Foods. He is a Junior at Butler Tech Ross High School and is active in his community. After high school, Michael plans on majoring in business and minoring in pharmaceutical sciences.






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