If you want to raise more money for your nonprofit, don’t… I repeat don’t… have a bake sale. There are a number a reasons why:

  1. Your return on investment (ROI) is very low
  2. The people who donate will not be invested in your mission
  3. There is very little short term gain and NO long term gain.

If you really have four people willing to volunteer four hours (a rough guess and what it takes to run a successful bake sale), then put them together in a more useful manner and MAKE MORE MONEY.

First, think of fundraising as a long term project the mostly involves relationship building. You goal is to get people invested in your mission and turn them into recurring donors. This involves shaking hands and exchanging information. You want to collect your donors information, but them on a mailing list, get their phone number and email. You want them to visit your website and come to an event.

Here are Some Suggestions

Set up a crowdfunding campaign (learn more about Crowdfunding) and give them the following assignments:

  • Person one: half-hour of email friends and business and a half-hour of socail media sharing/posting. (Once a week for four weeks).
  • Person two: One hour of “Thank You” card writing (yes, hand written) to previous and current donors. (Once a week for four weeks).
  • Person three: Make a video short that highlights your mission and tells a success story of your services. (Four hours in one week).
  • Person four: Create three-five images a week (HOW TO MAKE AN IMAGE LINK) to post on your social media sites during the crowd funding campaign. (Once a week for four weeks).

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Fill out donation/sponsorship request forms

Just go door-to-door asking for donations/sponsors from local business and you’ll likely end up with a handful of applications and web addresses to online forms. It is pretty common for businesses to have a donation request process. These forms are relatively simple to complete but they are time consuming. So assign two donation request forms to each of your volunteers. That would be eight forms completed. This could easily generate $1,000 AND it would be the start of a long term relationship with local businesses.

If you MUST do a Bake Sale

  • Bring brochures and business cards. Make shaking hands and talking about your mission the number one prorioty. Don’t ask them if they want a cookie, ask them if they want to help homeless people find warm beds.
  • Have your mailing list sign up sheet on the table. After you talk to them, invite them to join your mailing list. You want to build a relationship with them… get their contact information.
  • Do a series of bake sales throughout your community. Make it an “Awareness Campaign”. Your goal is to get your brochure (not cookies) in to as many hands as possible.
  • Have a poster board or banner displaying your mission in action. Make your booth an “information center” that just happens to have baked goods.
  • Give your baked goods away! Yes, give it all away! And just have a simple donation jar on the table and a simple note that says “Thank You.” Don’t ask for a dime. (I bet you make even more money this way).

Want More Tips?

The above video (see video on Youtube) has even more tips for you. So be sure to watch it, share it and review it.

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