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Founders syndrome is not a disease, but for many nonprofits it is smart to take precautions to prevent its effects. In this podcast, I talk with Kay Clements who started experiencing the effects of burnout after serving as the general manager of a small public radio station in California. Though she did not experience “text book” founders syndrome, many of the symptoms were similar. Her story is raw, honest and enlightening.

Here are a few ways founders syndrome can be defined:

  • when the founder of an organization is unable (or unwilling) to adapt as an organization changes and grows
  • when the structure of an organization becomes dependent on the founders system of making things work, making it difficult to replace the founder without collapsing the organization
  • when an organization becomes identified by its founders personality to the point that – when the founder leaves – the organization can no longer function.

At the end of this podcast I go over some ways to help prevent the onset of founders syndrome.

I also share with you some exciting news I received about a nonprofit I am starting. The effects of this news won’t be known for a few more weeks, but I wanted to let you know about it as I plan to update you on its progress.


Kay Clements
General Manager – KHNS

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