email marketing for nonprofits

Do you have donors, volunteers, members, board members or staff? Of course you do. Do you know the best way to keep them up to date on events, programs and latest news?

Did you say FaceBook? Wonk, wonk, wonk… no.

How about blogging ? Wonk, wonk… no, but actually not a bad idea.

Did you say with emails? Ding, ding. Winner!

Having an email list can be one of most important tools you use to help grow your nonprofit. And we aren’t talking Excel spreadsheets or Outlook mailing list. We are talking full-on automated list with subscribe now buttons, opt-in offers and automated drip release. We are talking email marketing. Sound like overkill? Too technical? Too expensive?

It’s not. In fact, it is easy to get started, it will help you GROW your nonprofit AND it can done for FREE.

This ain’t hype. It is actually just what the modern mailing is made to do. And it is easy.

In this podcast I talk with John Haydon about building a mailing list. How to use it? What technology to use? And what you actually write to all your email subscribers. John is an expert marketer specializing in working with nonprofits and charities.

John is full of ideas and gives us usable suggestions on how to start using our mailing list.

Why is this important? Well…

  • It helps you buid relationships with your community
  • It can establish  trust and authority within your given field
  • It can make event planning simplier and increase turnout
  • You most certainly will use it to improve your fundraising efforts

This podcast will help you  start using powerful tools that will help your nonprofit grow.


Free Email Fundraising Basics Course: John’s Free Email Fundraising Course

John’s Website:

Twitter: @JohnHayden





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  2. Patrick J. Liddy 3 years ago

    This is so great, Steve! So many nonprofits have a long way to go to catch up with email marketing best practices. I’m so glad you and John discussed drip campaigns! Using automation is so essential, and I think it’s something that NPs avoid doing.

    • Author
      Steve Vick 3 years ago

      Thanks Patrick. I should be following my own advice too. I don’t use it nearly enough as I should.

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