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It is one thing to have a great idea to serve your community, it is another to go out and actively market your services. Making initial contact with potential funders, donors, sponsors and partners is integral to the success of any nonprofit. But for many this type of outreach is an intimidating process that is out of our comfort zone.

Joel Geier, founder of Keep Integrating Developmental Sports (KIDS), shares how he uses his passion and belief to open doors to new opportunities. He has developed an outreach program that is on steroids. that includes presentations, events, followup calls and even custom made SWAG for his potential partners. And he is doing this all before his organization even has its official 501.c.3 status.

Joel also talks about the process of getting his M.S. in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and how that has helped him start his new nonprofit.

So, prepare to be inspired and energized. Joel is on high-octane and has a lot to share.


Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @kids_nation

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  1. Mauricio R. Belgrano 4 years ago

    Having a passion to do what you love, and to love what you do is key. Very good podcast, everyone. Joel, not only demonstrates professionalism in his meetings, but in this podcast indeed.

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