Are you good at your job? Do you have a blog or want to start one? Have you every wanted to share your expertise with a larger community? Well, now is your chance. I am looking for Ally’s to help make Nonprofit Ally a community resource for people involved in making the world a better place (AKA nonprofits).

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By becoming an Ally you will get your own blog page including your bio, your photo, links to your blog (as well as links to your social media pages, website, Youtube channel etc). You will be given login access to the Nonprofit Ally website so that you can post your content and have access to your author page.

Here are some of the advantages to becoming an Ally:

  • Benefit from Content Marketing: I do search engine optimize to every post on This means your articles will get tagged with keywords, linked to your website, additional custom graphics and submitted to Google and Bing.
  • Google Juice: Nonprofit Ally already shows up on the first couple pages in Google. Having your name and website associate with Nonprofit Ally means you will benefit from our good rankings. Rising tides effects all ships.
  • Gain Credibility and Authority: writing quality content on a quality website means people will begin to recognize your expertise and you will earn a reputation as someone who knows what they are talking about.
  • Be Part of the Future: I have a long term strategic plan for the development of the Nonprofit Ally community. By getting in on the ground floor you can be part of the team that helps create this larger community.
  • Guest Appearances on Podcast: I often need experts to help answer some of the questions I get from followers of this website. As a writer for Nonprofit Ally you can have regular appearances on the Nonprofit Ally podcast to help answer listener questions.
  • Help Others: As nonprofit supporters, we are naturally givers and helpers. By becoming an writer for Nonprofit Ally you will be helping your colleagues throughout the nonprofit world make their organizations (and the world) a better place.

Each writer for Nonprofit Ally will have their own area of expertise (e.g. fundraising, social media, board governance, story telling, starting a nonprofit). Depending on the number of post each writer submits per month will determine how many writers will share the same topic. Ideally a topic will have a post each week. Here are some of the requirements for becoming a Ally:

  • Minimum of one post per month, preferably two – four
  • Minimum 500 words per article
  • Article must be relevant to your topic
  • All content must be original content

If you would like to become an Ally or just want some more information, please fill out the form below:

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