Once you have completed your planning meeting, it’s time to start preparing the content for your campaign. The following items should be prepared before your campaign launches.

Your Project Story
This is your “pitch” and should start with a quick story about someone your mission served.  Then include information about your organization and your campaign. Finally, include what you are raising money for, how much you need and how you plan to spend it. (See prepared content examples in the resources section below).

Your Video
This is a short (no longer than three minute) and compelling story that evokes emotion. Avoid making a slideshow with background music. You don’t have to have expensive equipment to make a good video. An iPhone will do. You just have to have a good story. Do some interviews, gather action shots (photos can work too) and then lay them out in a video editor and tell your story using images, video, voice-over and background music. (See next lesson for some good examples).

Images help tell your story and support the written content of your campaign page. Again, quality is important. Don’t use blurry, out of focus or busy photographs with lots of stuff in the background. Shoot for clean, clear and sharp images. These images get placed in your “Story”, used in social media campaigns and for campaign updates.

Fundraising Letter/Email
Create a template letter and/or email that will be sent to everyone on your mailing list on campaign launch day. This is your “pitch” letter. Ideally, you will send both, an email and a physical letter. (See prepared content examples in the resources section below).

Thank You Letter/Email
Craft an email that will automatically be sent out each time someone donates, thanking them for their contribution. Ideally, you will send both, an email and a physical letter. (See prepared content examples in the resources section below).

Latest News/Blog Updates
While you cannot create news in advance, it’s a good idea to list some topic ideas and possibly write up a few “filler” posts before your campaign launches. You will need to generate regular updates and sometimes there may not be a lot of news to write about. So, you will need something to carry your blog or news section during those slow periods. Your “milestone” list is a good place to find content ideas for your news/updates.

Social Media Content
Create templates for thank you posts and your milestone announcements. Get creative and add videos and photos to better drive engagement. Since you have planned your milestones in advance, you should be able to craft effective premade announcement content for your social media. (See the Social Media Strategy lesson for more ideas).

Press Releases
Press Releases are a bit of a shot in the dark. You can’t control whether a news agency will report on your fundraiser. But if your raising money for something that will impact the community, then it is a good idea to let the local news know about it. If your campaign is successful the news may want to do a story on your organization. Keep in mind, the press isn’t looking to market your fundraiser. But if you have a unique mission or new service, then they may just do a story about your nonprofit.


During one of my own crowdfunding campaigns, our organization got featured on the front page of the local newspaper for an innovative service we provide. We were also on three different radio shows. Eventually the news reached our state Senator in Washington DC and he sent us a signed copy of the paper with handwritten well-wishes. All this from a single press release.

Press releases should have an attention-grabbing headline, use a lot of “action words”, and be brief (usually only about 300-400 words). Plan to send a press release at the beginning of your campaign to announce it, when nearing your goal, and at the completion of campaign.

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