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    Hi I am currently in the process of creating a non-profit but a challenge I have been dealing with is selecting or even finding people who would be interested in being part of the board. How would I go about finding people who would be interested?

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     Steve Vick 


    Ironically I just did a podcast interview with a board development expert today. Podcast will publish mid-December.

    So, this is a two part question. If you are just starting your NP and need people to help incorporate the organization, then get whoever you can (friends, relatives, co-workers). This way you can get all the paperwork started.

    Once you are up and running you will need skilled board members. You can go to Professional Chapters (like Bar Association, Chamber of Commerce, Unions, Corporate HR departments) and ask them to help you spread the word. Leave official paperwork, brochure or some type of documentation outlining your organization and your needs.

    But if you are only just starting – then get people who are willing to have their names on the incorporation papers. The incorporation process can take time and your board development is a long term process.

    Hope this helps.

    Nonprofit Ally Founder/Admin

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     Steve Vick 

    Here is a link to the podcast about board development. It just published a few days ago. Hope you find it helpful.

    Build a Sustainable Board

    Nonprofit Ally Founder/Admin

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