Carolyn M. Appleton 

It can sometimes feel like that, I admit. I do put my nonprofit’s mission at the forefront of my thoughts and I have a mental picture of myself as a fundraising professional helping in a deeply meaningful way to achieve that mission. This keeps my mind focused. The truth is, you are always seeking partners and investors: individuals, families, foundations, corporations and more to help advance your organization’s mission, for the betterment of the community (local, statewide, national and/or global). That informs my work on any nonprofit fundraising campaign. But here is a tip that I find helpful: when you get overwhelmed with your professional work, go volunteer for another organization. I find doing the most simple (sometimes mindless) tasks for another nonprofit – helping a little bit with something simple – clears my mind. In helping another group and/or group of people with an easy task (like bulk mail, data entry, guarding an art gallery during a reception, setting up or cleaning up, or serving food), I know I am helping but my responsibility is limited to a relatively simple task and short time frame. I also enjoy the fellowship of working with other staff members, volunteers and visitors.

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