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Fundraising is Important!

This you know.

And you likely already know that crowdfunding has become the leading method of raising money for all kinds of causes.

So I will spare you the hype…

There is no need to convince you that crowdfunding is the best way to run an online fundraiser.

After all, you probably already know that crowdfunding can reach potential donors faster than other fundraising methods.

And that a crowdfunding campaign can not only bring in new donors, but also help raise awareness about your organization.

And you probably already heard that crowdfunding has doubled in usage for the past three years in a row.

But maybe you didn’t know…

The Right Plan Increases Success

Spending two to three weeks, strategically planning your campaign, will greatly increase your chances for success.

You Must Start with a Bang

Campaigns that reach 30% of their goal in the first week are 5x more likely to succeed.

Success is Predictable

Crowdfunding campaigns follow a predictable trajectory that can be planned for to maximize donations.

Success is Learnable!

There is a learnable blueprint for running a successful crowdfunding campaign which means you can repeat your success year after year.

Using crowdfunding for your next fundraiser may be a no brainer.
But running a successful campaign is anything but.

Fact: 50% of crowdfunding campaigns don’t reach their goal

Four Reasons Crowdfunding Fails

No Plan

Success takes planning. Campaigns that start fundraising without a plan rarely reach their goal.

No Enough ``Shares``

Implementing a socail media strategy that attracts likes and shares is crucial to success.

Too Long / Too Short

There is a sweet spot for how long you should crowdfund. Too long or too short and you will miss your goal.

Slow Start

Campaigns that reach 30% of their goal in the first week are more likely to succeed.

Are you ready for a secret?

Starting a crowdfunding campaign is easy. And yet only 50% of campaigns actually succeed. The rest just fizzle out and never reach their goal.

Maybe this happen to you. You started a campaign, you got some donations, but then it just lost momentum. Well, you are not alone. Like I said, 50% of campaigns don’t reach their goal.

But if you avoid the mistakes of failing campaigns, and EMULATE THE SUCCESSFUL ONES, your campaign will be set on the road to success.

Crowdfunding is a skill that can be learned. And once learned… it can be repeated year after year.

You probable won’t raise $1 million. But $5,000, $10,000 or even $50,000? Yes, that is totally doable.

If you learn the blueprint behind successful crowdfunding, you’ll know all the steps you need to raise the money you need.

And this is what I want to share with you. THE COMPLETE BLUEPRINT to running a successful crowdfunding campaign.


I have taken everything I have learned from dozens of interviews with fundraising experts, numerous crowdfunding campaigns and $10,000’s raised and put it all in to a comprehensive, step-by-step program that teaches you everything you need to know to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.


The end result: a fundraiser that reaches its goal, brings in new donors, expands awareness of your mission and is repeatable year after year.

In this course, you will learn

How to pick the best crowdfunding platform for your campaign.

How to use social media to increase the amount of people that share your campaign.

What the lifespan of a campaign is and how to leverage it for maximum donations.

How to reach 30% of your goal in the first week.

Why you need video and what to put in it.

How to write a killer donation request email and letter.

How to create and use an email list that brings in more donations.

And more…

Here are the details


  • Introduction to the different crowdfunding platforms and types of crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Learn about the different features of a crowdfunding platform and why you may want certain features over another based on your fundraising needs.
  • An overview of the different ways you will be attracting people to your fundraiser in preparation for launching your campaign.
  • Thorough investigation into how to determine which platform is best for your campaign needs. Includes downloadable “Crowdfunding Matrix” that weighs your needs based on 1-5 ratings and  gives numeric results for each platform.
  • Includes “Eight Tips to Help you Pick the Right Platform” download.


  • In depth explanation of each element of a crowdfunding page, what they are for and which are the most important.
  • Learn why video is essential, how long the video should be and how to tell your story.
  • Proven strategies on how to strengthen your “pitch”, add news and updates to your campaign page and how “perk awards” can incentivize donations.
  • Tips and resources on how to find the best perk awards and make the delivery of these gifts easy.


  • Detailed discussion on what needs to get set up ahead of time, including the various roles team members will play. Includes downloadable checklist.
  • Sample content to help you create your “thank you” email, your pitch/story, your “asking” email and donation request letter you send to your supporters.
  • Examples of easy to make videos and tips to help you create a great story telling video for your campaign. (Even if you a just using your iPhone.)
  • Examination of the type of content you will need to create for your social media campaign and a strategy on how to implement it.
  • How to use your email list (or create one from scratch). Why the list is important and what you need to do to get prepared to use it for maximum benefit.


  • An overview of the lifespan of a crowdfunding campaign and how it effects the donations you recieve.
  • How to launch your campaign with a BANG and reach the coveted 30% within the first week.
  • Downloadable launch day check list to help ensure everything is in place the day you kick-off your campaign.
  • Strategies on how to keep the momentum going even during the slowest parts of the campaign lifespan.
  • How to boost donations at the end of your campaign so you can reach your goal at the finish.


  • The five things you must do in order to “WOW” your donors after the campaign is over.
  • How to ensure that your new donors become repeat donors.
  • Tips on how to nuture and strengthen the relationship between your organization and all those who help support you.

Also included...

A total of 16 different topics covered within the five lessons.

Thirteen videos and tutorials.

Thirteen linked resources.

Sample content - you can copy/paste - for your donation request email, campaign page story, thank you emails, and more.

Seven dowloadable pdf's and Excel spreadsheets.

One quiz, mid-way through the course, to ensure you are ready to launch.

Access to a private forum where you can ask questions and interact with other nonprofit leaders like you.


The Complete Crowdfunding Course

and get...

  • A full crowdfunding campaign set up in as little as two weeks

  • The 100% confidence in your ability to run a successful crowdfunding campaign for any purpose at any time

  • The tools to create a social media campaign the generates interest in your fundraiser without turning away donors

  • The ability to use the power of your mailing list to inform your supporters and convert them into donors

Successful crowdfunding doesn't happen by chance. But once you learn how to succeed, it's a skill you will use over and over again.

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