Build a Nonprofit Coalition

NPA 001: Creating a Nonprofit Coalition & Building Relationships

In this episode of the Nonprofit Ally Podcast, I talk with Autumn Berstein, from Climate Plan, about how she built a statewide nonprofit coalition, with nearly 60 members, in California. Learn about:

  • Forming a coalition
  • Building relationships with other nonprofits
  • Consensus building
  • Organizing state-wide partnerships
  • Project development

I also go over some Facebook tips that will help you get more “likes” at on your page. As well as an overview of a free online image editor you can use for your photo’s

Program Links

Autumn Bernstein
Professional Contact: Linkedin

Social Media Minute: 10 Facebook Photo Tips
Image Editing Resource: PicMonkey

Note: This is a pre-release podcast. This episode has not been published on itunes just yet. Nonprofit Ally is still in launch phase. I am excited to be sharing all this initial content with you early. Thanks for visiting and please feel free to leave comments.

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