Build a Nonprofit Coalition

NPA 001: Creating a Nonprofit Coalition & Building Relationships

In this episode of the Nonprofit Ally Podcast, I talk with Autumn Berstein, from Climate Plan, about how she built a statewide nonprofit coalition, with nearly 60 members, in California. Learn about:

  • Forming a coalition
  • Building relationships with other nonprofits
  • Consensus building
  • Organizing state-wide partnerships
  • Project development

I also go over some Facebook tips that will help you get more “likes” at on your page. As well as an overview of a free online image editor you can use for your photo’s

Program Links

Autumn Bernstein
Professional Contact: Linkedin

Social Media Minute: 10 Facebook Photo Tips
Image Editing Resource: PicMonkey

Note: This is a pre-release podcast. This episode has not been published on itunes just yet. Nonprofit Ally is still in launch phase. I am excited to be sharing all this initial content with you early. Thanks for visiting and please feel free to leave comments.

About Steve

Steve is the executive director of Noble Paws which is a nonprofit that teaches people with disabilities how to run a team of sled dogs. He is based in Fairbanks, Alaska and has a degree in Multimedia Development. Steve has a passion for content creation, capacity building and program development. He is the creator of Nonprofit Ally and has a keen interest in learning how successful organizations reach their goals.

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